About IJTD

The International Journal of Technoscience and Development is an open peer review and open access journal online hosted by Makerere University and the Research Division of Technoscience Studies at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Why Technoscience

Because there is a widespread understanding of the production of knowledge and technology as processes that take place in distributed systems (Nowothy et al. 2001). In other words, in this day and age knowledge is generated in the overlapping areas including universities, companies and other regional, national and international actors. The term technoscience connotes this understanding of the production of knowledge and technology.

Because technoscience can be interpreted as an integral, context dependent part of society, as something that shapes and is shaped by social, cultural and traditional forces. One reason behind this conceptualization is that there does not appear any practical difference between science and technology: both are skillful activities with different traditions and ideals but nevertheless products of human art and craft. Technoscience may refer to technical project, which are heavily dependent on science (or vise versa) or to the production of scientific commodities in academic-industry-governmantal complexes that is in triple helix processes.

Why Technoscience and Development

Because in contexts with scares resources like in low income countries the relevance of triple helix cooperation has proven to be high (Amitav’s audit report). The experiences and knowledge production holds specific values for a joint learning process. That is why we welcome publications from developing countries in the first place. Papers from elsewhere within the theme are also welcomed.