About Technoscience.se

International Journal of Feminist Technoscience (IJFT) is a forum for articles in the area of Feminist Technoscience as well as general Technoscience.

The exceptional added value for this journal is its Open Peer Review Process.

The journal is attractive to researchers, who want to

  • be published within a future oriented theme as of IJFT
  • go in dialogue with the international research community in a much faster way than what is the case when publishing in traditional, closed peer review journals
  • use this journal for bringing her / his manuscript from draft to final version by the help of the open peer review process
  • publish both / either in this journal and/or some other journal or book. The authors are free to publish their manuscript anywhere after using the facilities of IJFT.


This journal has two missions.

Mission 1

Open Access and Open Peer Review for research publication is an intervention into present knowledge production in order to secure

  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Efficiency
  • Democracy

Mission 2

Feminist technoscience and Technoscience in general are dynamic and reality producing fields of knowledges, technologies and politics. A vibrant and continous dialogue between actors in these fields can be fostered by the offers of this journal.


The License contract

Technoscience.se and its network of separate journals (IJTD) will not have any claims whatsoever on the fulltext paper published on the domain. Authors will have full rights.  However, if the author decides to withdraw a work, we will keep the metadata post with attached comments. If the work is re-published elsewhere, we will link to the file on the external server.