IJTD Vol 3 Issue 1 2016

ISSN number: 2001-2837

Volume 3 Issue 1 2016 of IJTD contains 4 articles

In the first paper, Gidudu Anthony, Banura Constance and Namugga Angella explore the use of MODIS satellite imagery in monitoring water quality on lake Victoria in Uganda. This they relate with in-situ measurements or taking of water samples for further testing in the laboratory. They focus on the Lake Surface Temperature (LST) and Chlorophyl_a (Chl_a) variation from 2003 – 2010.

In the second paper, Mackay Okure, Godfrey Ssajja Ssali and Sad Jarall present results of a system consisting of a wind turbine of 200 kW, an Electrolyzer, and a 3.5kW peak electric load connected to an electric grid required to produce 4-5kg of hydrogen per day. They demonstrate the potential of such an integrated system to support remote investments in the production of electrolytic hydrogen from a non-polluting source for stationary and transportation activities.

In the third paper, Byaruhanga Joseph Kadoma, Lubwama Festo, and Lating Peter describe the state of implementing Uganda’s National Industrial Policy (NIP) with emphasis on the Iron and Steel sector. They interpret data collected from policy makers, implementers, industries in the iron and steel sector, experts and associations. They finally assess the process and the associated challenges, to devise means for better NIP implementation.

In the fourth paper, May-Britt Öhman and Eva-Lotta Thunqvist analyse the cultural politics of emotions with regard to dams, reservoirs, safety and human security. Their analysis is motivated by overtime social and ecological impacts of accidents on hydropower dams and their failures on the environment and its local inhabitants.

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Research Papers

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Monitoring Water Quality on Lake Victoria Using MODIS Imagery
Anthony Gidudu, Constance Banura  and Angella Namugga
Barriers to Implementation of Uganda’s National Industrial Policy: a case study of the Iron and Steel Sector
Joseph Kadoma Byaruhanga, Festo Lubwama and Peter Lating
Human Bodies and the Forces of Nature: Technoscience Perspectives on Hydropower Dams, Safety, Human Security, Emotions and Embodied Knowledges
May-Britt Öhman and Eva-Lotta Thunqvist
Simulation for control strategies of hybrid wind/ hydrogen systems for smart grid applications in Kampala and Tororo-Uganda
Mackay A. E. Okure, Godfrey Ssajja Ssali and Sad Jarall